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HTC EVO 3D drops to $69.99 for existing Sprint customers on Wirefly Friends and Family site


When we reported yesterday that the HTC EVO 3D dropped all the way down to $49.99 on Wirefly for new Sprint customers, we thought that Wirefly's price of $99.99 for contract extensions and additional lines on family plans was still pretty darn good.

Well, now it looks like existing Sprint customers can score the EVO 3D for only $69.99 on Wirefly's Friends and Family site. This deal does include free standard shipping from FedEx, although an upgrade fee of $18 still applies.

Many G&E readers have some interesting theories about why the EVO 3D is priced so low, including slow sales or an effort to make room for an upcoming Sprint-branded iPhone 5. But regardless of the reason, this is really a great deal for one of the most advanced superphones currently out there, on one of the only remaining carriers that continues to offer unlimited data.

There is no word on how long this price will stand, so keep in mind that any dilly-dallying is at your own risk.

[Wirefly] Thanks, MsRandall!

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7 thoughts on “HTC EVO 3D drops to $69.99 for existing Sprint customers on Wirefly Friends and Family site

  • Avatar of Max Powers

    I am a few months short of the eligible upgrade through Sprint, would the 69.99 still apply even if I am not eligible for the upgrade?

  • I’m not a fan of TouchWiz, but I certainly am a lot more interested in the new Galaxy S II and Nexus Prime phones than the EVO 3D. Both made by Samsung though. I wonder if the new HTC Android phones will start appearing soon with Sense 3.5 and specs to match.

  • Avatar of zibkit

    Shouldn’t it read for existing Sprint customers with available upgrade?

  • Sorry for any confusion! I thought it would already be clear that subsidized pricing would only be available to customers who are eligible to upgrade – that’s always the case, whether purchasing from Sprint, Wirefly, Amazon, or any other third-party dealer. I’ll be sure to be clearer going forward, though!

  • Avatar of zibkit

    I think the word extension throws things off a bit as it doesnt mention upgrade.

  • Wow, at this rate by xmas it’ll be free. But that’s when the Quad-core Evo should be out… I’ll get the one lol


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