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HTC EVO 4G running rooted stock ROM? Stop paying for tethering with HotSpot Hack

Hotspot Now that the latest Gingerbread OTA for the HTC EVO 4G has been rooted and G&E has provided an easy-to-follow guide for all those tempted, many users are again living the rooted life.

A key feature to being rooted is having the ability to tether your phone to your computer. Way back when the HTC EVO 4G wasn't even released, G&E took a look at Sprint Mobile Hotspot. It does a damn good job of allowing you to steal internets from your EVO, but there is a major drawback: it'll run you $29.99/month. 

Yeah, pretty harsh! Luckily, thanks to EVO user noimjosh, those of us running a stock, rooted, deodexed ROM can take advantage of all of the features of Sprint Mobile Hotspot . . . for free!

All you need to do his grab this .zip file and flash it via recovery on your EVO 4G running a rooted stock ROM. 

Another option is to find a stock-ish ROM that gives you the hotspot app unlocked by default. If you are looking for a ROM with this feature (as well as a lot of bloatware removed) be sure to head over to the forums to check out my ROM, Swagged Out|Stock, which I started building last week using this tutorial

Let us know how Sprint Mobile Hotspot treats you in the comments below.

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