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IntoNow video identification app makes its way to the HTC EVO

Screenshot-1312329477294 Remember how cool Shazam was the first time you used your HTC EVO to identify a song that was playing on TV, the radio, or at the movies?

Well, Yahoo's IntoNow is essentially the video version of Shazam, with some social networking features added in. It lets you identify anything that has run on TV from the last five years.

Problem: You flip to a channel and it is playing a new show that is halfway over. It seems pretty funny and you would like to watch it later. The majority of the time you can just hit the "Info" button on your remote. But you are at a friend's house, hotel, store, or somewhere else that you can't easily check the name of the program.

Solution: With IntoNow, all you have to do is hit the green TV button and the app will listen to whatever's playing and tell you what show (even the episode) or movie you are watching. 

IntoNow intoduces a social networking aspect to being a coach potato as well. Once you identify what show you're watching, you can easily share your laziness with the worlds of Facebook and Twitter, letting your friends and followers know exactly what you are watching. 

Not only that, but IntoNow will notify you whenever one of your friends is watching the same show so you guys can text each other and be like: "ZOMFG, you're watching Shark Week too!!!"


At least that's what I did. 

Not only does IntoNow serve as a great video identification service and an easy way to share your latest boob tube watchings, but it's free too! Go check it out for yourself by grabbing it from the Android Market.

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