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Is your HTC EVO 3D randomly shutting off?

Bad-android It's been just over a month since I activated my shiny new HTC EVO 3D and have had a nice little love affair going.

But it seems there may be fewer people who share my experience than I would have thought. Discussion boards have been lit up since mid-June with EVO 3D users trying to get to the bottom of persistent random power cycling, shut-offs, and other issues.

G&E reader Joseph brought the question to us and notes that it's a sizable issue facing the community. The primary issue is that he "noticed the phone going through unprompted power cycles and, worse, being completely unresponsive until the battery is removed and replaced." Joseph is not alone. If you have been one of the lucky ones to have a smooth sailing first month or so, then take an eye-opening walk over to the HTC Community Support forum to get a sense of the scope.

Most of the community posting there (as well as in the Android Forums) describe a similar problem: their phone power cycles without rhyme or reason. The only way these folks are able to get the EVO 3D back up is to do a battery pull. Other issues being described are randomly dead/unresponsive screens, extreme battery drain, completely non-responsive devices that can only be fixed by a battery pull and restart, and so on.

It sounds as though the issue has made its way to the vendors and HTC but hasn't gotten past the "it's a known issue" phase. It also sounds like there is some variance in how the vendors are handling customers' issues, with some people getting exchanges and others being told that nothing can be done but resetting to default.

With G&E being a very large and vocal EVO community, we wanted to get some feedback from you. What issues are you experiencing? To varying degrees, manufacturers do monitor sites such as ours and we'd like to think HTC is a fairly responsive and in-touch smartphone peddler. So please submit your comments and share your problems and, better  yet, any solutions you've discovered that may help the rest. As always, thanks for reading.

Thanks, Joseph!

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