Kickstarter spotlight: MySaver

As anyone who’s had a portable Apple device for a while can attest to, those cables they ship with the low profile connectors leave a lot to be desired as far as durability goes. The 30 pin connection cables that come with iPods, iPhones and iPads these days have been made as small as possible and that has caused a lot of the stress protection rubber and plastic to be removed compared to older and other connection cables. The result is cables that often break near the connector due to the cable being bent 90 degrees during use. Apple doesn’t seem to care much, but luckily there’s a Kickstarter project that does.

The MySaver is essentially an armor kit for the current generation 30 pin cable that adds back the protection that the cables once had. There are two versions; one with an included cable and one for adding to your own cable. The resulting cable is bulkier but also a lot more durable and should be better suited for travel and places where the iDevice doesn’t just sit still when connected.

It’s a simple concept, but also a project that in my opinion deserves to be made. I’ve had this happen to my own cables, and that DIY kit looks very tempting for my xlSync, which is now my one and only in-use cable for both my iPhone and iPad. As such I’d prefer that it survived for a while, and $12 (DIY version with international shipping) isn’t a bad deal to make a monster cable (pun intended). The fact that the stress relievers come in different colors to match iPad 2 Smart Covers is also a nice little detail that might not improve the functionality, but definitely adds to the overall look. With 52 days to go they’re already 1/3 to the $15000 pledge goal with 182 (and counting) backers, so if you want to make sure your cable is safe you can head over to Kickstarter and pledge the project.


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