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Let your HTC EVO keep track in the battle of the bulge with Calorific Diet Tracker

Calorific2 Weight loss is not about gimmicks and crash dieting; it is through exercise and calorie control that you can successfully lose weight. With Calorific Diet Tracker on your HTC EVO, you can get help with that second part, with quick calorie counting in as little as two clicks.

In order to shed those pounds you need to expend more calories than you take in. Exercise will increase burn rates but all that gym time will do little if you keep eating five meals a day of pizza and soda. By tracking your caloric intake, the app can clue you in to what might be hampering your weight loss.

Calorific is not doing anything new. Food logging has been a long time staple of nutritionists. But what it does is allow you to quickly enter your intake so that you are not bogged down in all the logging, which just might end up causing you to stop.

Using a three-color traffic light system, Calorific breaks food down into Great (green), OK (yellow), and Bad (red) groupings. Eat a clementine; that counts as a green item. Drink a soda and that gets you an entry under the red category. Lucky for me beer is a yellow beverage, in moderation of course. As you start adding items, you will see just how your meals are being broken down.

Calorific1 As you enter food into a meal, Calorific shows you the calorie chunks you have taken in and then rates your meal on a scale of one to five stars. It then adds the calories to your daily target so you can see just how much you have left for the day. So if you feel like splurging a little extra at dinner, you can adjust your lunch ahead of time.

One big hurdle of most calorie trackers is that when you search for food, it usually bombards you with too many options. Look up how much an apple will cost you and you'll sometimes end up with a list of 40 different apple varieties. Seeing how little calorie variation there is in apples, Calorific instead displays other apple items like apple pie or even Applebee's French fries. So instead of getting buried in sub-genus classification of an apple, you can move on with your day.

Now Calorific claims that you can enter anything in two clicks. This entry method depends less on what you are eating and more on the knowledge of just how many calories are in what you are consuming. You can then select calorie chunks to apply to a meal instead of searching for a particular item. It is not an easy thing to do to keep all those amounts straight in your head. Unless you live with a crazy calorie counting health nut like I do, there is probably no way you will know off hand what most items contain.

Flexible to allow the novice to enter and track calories, yet powerful enough for the seasoned health guru to enter their intake, Calorific Diet Tracker is a simple method to help fight the fat.


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2 thoughts on “Let your HTC EVO keep track in the battle of the bulge with Calorific Diet Tracker

  • It’s better if you download NOOM! It’s the same developer but you get:

    1) Weight plan
    2) CardioTrainer
    3) Calorific

    All in one app and they integrated it really good.

  • Thanks I just deleted my cardio trainer and uninstalled this and got Noom.


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