Make your rooted Dell Streak snappier in seconds with V6 SuperCharger

V6-supercharger If you're like me, you're constantly trying out new tweaks and hacks on your Dell Streak to increase its speed and snappiness. I'm constantly searching for new ways to make my pocket tablet run just a little bit quicker.

V6 SuperCharger is a script that claims to do just that: speed up your system. The developer, zeppelinrox, promises that this script will whip your device into shape by fixing multitasking and implementing a better memory management system. 

This hack requires a few things to work: a rooted Dell Streak, an app called Script Manager (available in the Market), and Busybox 1.182 or lower.

From there, it's surprisingly simple to use. Just run Script Manager and choose the V6 SuperCharger script, select the "run in root" box, and tap the "run" button. Then, just follow the on-screen instructions and reboot after it's finished. Easy, right?

After running the script, my Streak seemed to be a little bit quicker and snappier, and my Quadrant scores went up by about 75 points. Considering it only takes three or four minutes to download Script Manager and run V6 SuperCharger, I'd say this script is worth your time.

Anyone who wants to give it a try should make a complete Nandroid backup, grab Script Manager from the Android Market, and head over to xda-developers.

[xda-developers via G&E]
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