Note Everything does just that on your Dell Streak 7, if you like note-taking


When I am not wasting time and gaming on my Dell Streak 7, I do actually enjoy using it to be productive. Part of my productivity involves note-taking, and I've used many, many note-taking apps on many, many different devices. But none of them have been particularly useful on any of my devices, until my Streak 7 and Note Everything. 

But what makes Note Everything so useful on such a large device? Well, if you want to find out, please join me below, won't you? 


So one of the best things about being productive in this app is how it helps you be organized in your productivity. Here is the home screen, where you will land when you press the icon in your app tray. From here, you can explore your note folders, create a new note, or search for notes.


Speaking of creating new notes, you have got an incredible selection of different types of notes to create. You can do textnotes, which are simply notes that you type up; paintnotes, which you can use to draw pictures or write your own text; voicenotes, which you record voice (or other sounds) with; and then the other two are dependent on if you use those other technologies or not. 


And as the picture says, there truly is plenty of room to write. Regardless of the Streak's somewhat lackluster resolution, the 7-inch display gives you plenty of room to write. What you see above was drawn with large finger strokes, and I still had plenty of screen left. 


Finally, adding on to all of this app's great features is this widget. From here, you can quickly record some audio or tap in that field to quickly type up a note. It's very simple and quick, and I absoultely love it. 

So, I know there are plenty of other note-taking apps out there, but this one seems to just work so well on the Streak 7. It takes advantage of the screen real estate very well, which is a major plus, since you should be able to use everything you've got. And unlike some other, similar apps, Note Everything is free.

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2 thoughts on “Note Everything does just that on your Dell Streak 7, if you like note-taking

  • How’s it compare to Evernote?

  • I prefer Note Everything because of the organization it offers, and the ability to write instead of type. Plus, you don’t have to waste time to set up an account; you can start noting right away.


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