Now is the time to protect your Dell Streak

Android-Malware There are now over 400 different apps that threaten the Dell Streak and other Android devices.

Android users today are likely to run into a malware infected app that could potentially steal money, record phone conversations, read text messages, and much more. Apps have been sighted that discreetly sign you up for an expensive SMS service that will show up on your phone bill as a ringtone service or something similar.

Unfortunately, apps are not the only way your Dell Streak could be compromised. It has been discovered that browsing certain websites can also be dangerous. Some sites can harm your Streak by automatically starting a download with malicious code. And don't forget about phishing websites that trick users into entering their login information and passwords.

To get around these threats, users can install different anti-malware apps that are found on the market. I like to use Lookout Mobile. It not only keeps malware away, but it also makes a safe backup of all your data. If you lose your Streak, you can use their website to locate it via GPS. You have the option to force the device to play an alarm no matter if it's on silent or vibrate, and in the case of a stolen phone, you can lock it so it cannot be looked through or even wipe it of all data remotely.

How do you protect your Streak?

[Lookout Mobile Threat Report]
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Orlando Guirao

Orlando Guirao is a former contributing editor at StreakSmart, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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