Peggle arrives on the iPad

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Peggle is one of those games that are so popular and timeless that sooner or later they will show up on any platform out there. It’s on everything from Windows and Xbox to the click wheel iPods (yes those do actually support additional games), and it’s been out on the iPhone for years as well. A optimized iPad version has been missing however, but that changed on Friday with the release of Peggle HD.

For the 2 people in the world who have never played Peggle, the game has you shooting balls at various colored blocks. The ultimate goal is to clear all the orange ones, while blues give you points, greens give you power ups and purples give you bonus points. It’s an incredibly addictive and fun game and like so many of these casual games it has no age limit in either direction.

For people who have played Peggle before though this version doesn’t have any new levels. The $2.99 initial price of the game gives you the original Peggle levels, and a $1 in-app purchase gives you the Peggle Nights levels as well. For $4 total it’s a awesome deal and definitely worth checking out regardless of whether you’ve played Peggle before. Just make sure you don’t have anything productive planned before starting the game, as that won’t end well – trust me.


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