PixelMags launches new service to help publishers get on Newsstand

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Apple’s Newsstand service is a new feature in iOS 5 which is essentially iBooks for magazines and newspapers. It will no doubt become huge very quickly as the only really big consolidated magazine service at the moment is Zinio, whereas the eBook market was huge long before Apple jumped (and missed) on it. Actually getting content on Newsstand requires a bit from the publisher though, and there’s a market for helping publishers do what is needed. PixelMags has been things like this for years, and instead of providing a one-stop shop for magazines they’ve helped publishers release their own apps through what can bet be described as a create-an-app service publishers. Today they’re announcing that they’re going to provide a similar service for helping publishers get on Newsstand, regardless of what digital format their magazines are in – from simple PDFs to more intricate dynamic formats.

What this means for consumers is basically that we can expect to see more periodicals on Newsstand as a result of PixelMags making it easier to get on there. I’ve waited for a year now for some popular Norwegian comics to be available digitally with no result, and the people behind it claims that they’re “looking into how to do it”. PixelMags would be just what those people are looking for, and the same would be true for countless other publications. Press release after the break.

Los Angeles, CA, August 16, 2011— PixelMags, a world leader in content distribution software, has announced that they are now compliant with Apple’s upcoming Newsstand and iOS5 platform.
With the anticipated launch of the Apple Newsstand this fall, publishers have been asking the question, “How do we get our content within Apple’s new publishing platform, and sell subscriptions within Apple Newsstand?”
PixelMags will help publishers get into Apple Newsstand with speed utilizing their CDS (Content Delivery Software), which allows a publisher to upload any magazine format ranging from PDF, Woodwing, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to HTML5 into the Apple Newsstand. Accepting all forms of content input, this allows the publisher to stay at the forefront of content creation, initially utilizing a PDF, then evolving into highly dynamic tablet content; without changing their branded application, maintaining an undisturbed digital solution for their readers.Mark Stubbs, Founder and CEO of PixelMags say’s “Apple Newsstand will change the way magazine publishers sell subscriptions, in the same manner that iTunes changed the way that music is sold. Our core focus is on delivering publishers great content whatever the format. You create. We deliver.”

PixelMags Branded Apps will be built compliant with iOS5 specs, with the ability for magazines to be pushed and downloaded in the background overnight and allow auto renew subscriptions to be fed into Apple Newsstand.

About PixelMags
PixelMags is an established business that’s transforming the future of digital publishing by changing how publishers distribute and monetize branded content. PixelMags is a privately held company, with offices located in Los Angeles, London, New Zealand and Australia.

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One thought on “PixelMags launches new service to help publishers get on Newsstand

  • Andreas: Please contact me about these comic publishers looking for a solution. I’d be happy to help. We do turnkey iOS publishing and are actively looking for new accounts. You can see what we do at We’re dedicated to partnering with publishers as they grow into this market, so we concentrate on both making it up-front affordable by keeping it a (mostly) revenue share from the back end and on touching the design so it’s a good experience that designed as digital-first specifically for the new format.


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