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PODSTA provides practical cradle and stand for HTC EVO smartphones

PodstaEVO With so many high priced device-specific accessories floating around, it's nice to find the occasional inexpensive, one-size-fits-most solution. Better yet, it's nice when that solution will do more than one thing for you and fit more than one HTC EVO device. Meet PODSTA, a "universal" stand.

The site claims that if your phone is between 2 1/8"  and 3 1/4" wide, it will work with PODSTA. The HTC Sensation is listed as a "perfect fit" device, and according to Android Guys, the EVOs were slightly less than perfect.

While it did fit the EVO 4G and EVO 3D, it seemed to put a slight strain on the edges of the grip. The Nerf-like texture always seemed to bounce back into its original shape after extended use and never gave me a problem switching to smaller screens.

For those of us looking for an affordable ($12.99 plus shipping) cradle and holder for our HTC EVO 4G or 3D, this looks like a solid bet. The lightweight and durable Nerf-like material comes in a variety of colors and  is shaped in such a way that it will support the phone in various different angles. Easily position it for video chat or movie watching or take it for a drive with you and (depending on your vehicle), and you've got a well-positioned and handy car cradle.

The site advertises free shipping with the purchase of three PODSTAs. So find a friend or two, save a couple bucks, and enjoy your new holder/cradle/portable car dock/world-saving accessory.

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