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Preview of new HDMwIn alpha for HTC EVO 4Gs running 2.3.3 Sense [Updated]

Whatever ROM you may be using, if your HTC EVO 4G is running 2.3.3 Sense – it does not have full HDMI mirroring. Yes, you can do some mirroring via Gallery. But what about Snesoid? What about Netflix?

Well, soon, the ever-popular TeamWin will be releasing has released the latest and greatest version of its kernel/app, HDMwIn, to bring full HDMI mirroring to the Gingerbread/Sense-running EVOs out there. And of course, G&E will let you know when it officially hits the streets. 

The best feature, to me at least, is that all you have to do is plug your phone in and it works. So simple! For more features, check out the YouTube video showing off the latest alpha release above. Who else can't wait for TeamWin to release this?

Update: TeamWin member, Agrabren, has provided a download link for the new HDMwIn alpha. Be sure to check it out!

[Android Central]
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