RedStreak5 and NeoStreak5 are two cool new Dell Streak themes

Redstreak5_and_neostreak5 If you're an avid StreakSmart reader, you may remember a little while back when we reported on BlueStreak5, a Dell Streak theme by nickshertzer that turned your pocket tablet's interface blue.Well, the developer has done it again, creating two new themes for the Streak dubbed RedStreak5 and NeoStreak5.

RedStreak5 is pretty self-explanatory: much like how BlueStreak5 turned your smartphone blue, RedStreak5 turns it red. It also modifies the lockscreen and pull-down notification bar, theming them in crimson, and adds in an animated background for said notification bar, full-color icons for the home menu, transparent red pop-up menus, a new USB charging image, and "flip" window animations.

RedStreak5 works on SimpleStreak 1.2, StreakDroid 1.9.1, Stock 351, and Stock 354.

NeoStreak5 adds a Matrix-like theme to your phone, including a themed lockscreen and pull-down notifications bar, green pop-up windows, a loading arrow instead of the stock loading circle, and themed status bar icons. Unlike RedStreak5, nickshertzer states that NeoStreak5 works on all Froyo 2.2.2 ROMs on the Dell Streak.

Anyone who would like to flash these new themes should make a complete Nandroid backup, and then grab them from the links below.

[RedStreak5 | NeoStreak5]
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