RIM lies again, shows an HTC phone in promo video [Updated]


Ugh! Come on, RIM! You need to be a little bit more professional in every single thing you do. If you don't even try to be, you will wind up losing even more sales than you already have. 

Watch the video above. At 0:15 into the video, you will see not a BlackBerry phone, but an HTC Android device! You can tell by the keyboard, and the way that hand just happens to be covering up the bottom of the phone. And if one flub-up per video isn't enough for you, the same exact thing happens again at the 0:27 mark! 

Mike Lazaridis, please get your company's act together. Heck, we'd even settle for half of the company, since you're only a co-CEO. Jim Balsillie can probably help with the other half. But seriously, you guys are making huge fools of yourselves. It's pretty bad when a carrier partner has to cancel your company's tablet because it doesn't think it's going to sell well enough.

Update: Well, the video has been pulled. RIM really dropped the ball here. Luckily, I was able to grab a screenshot just before the video was pulled, and you can view that below the break.


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