RIM lies, too: BlackBerry PlayBook to run Android apps this fall, not summer


Originally, the BlackBerry PlayBook was supposed to be able to emulate Android apps by the end of summer. However, it's now thought that it probably won't be until late fall, if a new report is to be believed. 

According to a reliable source of Engadget's, the Android emulator won't be showing up in your PlayBook's software update screen until late fall. This is ridiculous, especially considering that it should've been released sometime this month. I know that when I reviewed the PlayBook back in May, the App World was severely lacking. Emulating Android and being able to run Android apps would've seriously helped the tablet in terms of apps. 

So now that this is delayed, I have two questions. One is for you PlayBook owners: are you disappointed that the emulator is delayed? And if you don't own a PlayBook: does this defer your choice on buying/not buying the tablet?


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Calob Horton

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3 thoughts on “RIM lies, too: BlackBerry PlayBook to run Android apps this fall, not summer

  • I bought the PLAY BOOK for its power and amazing muititasking. The truth is it is a bare useless device, not even a decent movie app or skype or even a proper spellcheck….. what a waist of money just another piece of trash for our disposable society. wish i could lie to my customers like this and make MILLIONS and not give a sh**

  • I think if they were going to go this route they should have picked one of the two ‘native’ platforms. Webworks or Air, I’d guess Air probably has more useful support if they manage to pull the flash developers in and then they should have supported the Android virtual environment.


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