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Samsung tablet TouchWiz update adds pen memo app, gaining ground on HTC EVO View 4G?

Penmemo_androidcommunity-580x362 After having owned an HTC Flyer (WiFi-only version of HTC EVO View 4G) for a couple of weeks now, I am a pretty happy customer. Other than the fact that I like HTC products and they have been good to me for a number of years now, there were two primary advantages the tablet had over the competition: a handier, more portable footprint and the option to gain true pen interaction (with optional HTC Scribe pen).

This being a site for all things EVO, I thought it appropriate to acknowledge something that may directly impact sales of the twin HTC tablets.

As of August 5, 2011, owners of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 could opt for the new TouchWiz UX update that added quite a few elements to an otherwise stock Honeycomb interface. Many others seem to be getting the attention, but the addition that caught my eye was the Pen Memo app and Mini App that now allows Tab users to write on the tablet surface with or without a pen accessory. While the capabilities are much less integrated and far-reaching than those found on the EVO View 4G and Flyer (according to the link below, this app is being referred to as "a stripped down version of Evernote"), it does seem to provide another option previously found only on the HTC products and, of course, the iPad.

With the Galaxy Tab 8.9 due out very soon, it only stands to reason that the little Samsung brother will be getting the same TouchWiz treatment. At that point, there will be an ever more evenly matched fight. So my question to the community: do you think the updates Samsung is pushing will lure potential EVO View and Flyer buyers away? Or do you think that the recently released HTC Pen SDK will bring the much needed additional pen applications to maintain HTC's superiority as the most suitable option for this type of niche buyer?

Either way, it would not be a surprise at all to see at least a few of the new morsels (especially the new Mini App Tray multitasking and enhanced clipboard) Samsung brought to the table start to show up on other tablets in the near future. Let's hope HTC continues to (cough) take note.

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