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Screenshots of Sense UI on Honeycomb show what may be to come for HTC EVO View 4G

Htc_sense_ui___honeycomb concept

And so it begins. The newly opened HTCdev site is already bringing us tasty goodies and more are sure to come. We have all heard HTC's tale about why they launched their EVO View and Flyer tablets with Gingerbread and that they will both one day be getting updated with the tablet-optimized Honeycomb. That was supposed to happen "soon after launch," and it now appears that we may truly be one step closer.

The picture above is a taste of what may come down the road, but the screenshots below clearly show a few of the ways HTC Sense is currently being laid down on top of the vanilla Honeycomb platform. All of the elements we have grown accustomed to like icons, fonts, and so on will likely be present in some form or another.

Htc-honeycomb 1

For those wondering whether or not the upcoming 10-inch HTC Puccini will have the Scribe technology on board, it appears that developers are already hard at work to ensure that it will. While the leaked screenshots of the tablet do not show any evidence of it, the fact that the HTC Pen SDK was included in the DevSite project suggests that many more uses for the pen will be coming our way.

Htc-sense-honeycomb 2

No matter how you slice it, this news should make HTC fans very happy.

Good things continue to happen with HTC and the new HTCdev site seems to be off to a smoking fast start. Of course, the jury will be out on how Sense affects the feel and performance of Android Honeycomb, but that debate will rage on forever. Many still feel Sense unnecessarily bogs down their devices while others see only the enhancements made.

What specific aspects of Sense would you most like to see included in the HTC Honeycomb update? Where are the best areas of improvement over stock Honeycomb as you see it? We know very motivated people are already hard at work, so chime in and be heard.

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