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See the possible future of the HTC EVO with leaked Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS shots

ICS1 RootzWiki was the first to unveil sneaks of Gingerbread and they have done it again with teaser shots of what Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS looks like running on a Nexus S. Now these are some of the first spy shots to come out and hopefully it is just a taste of what is going to eventually land on all HTC EVOs in the near future.

Right off the bat the first change is the blue themed colors of ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) instead of the more green toned colors found in Gingerbread. The UI has seen some changes but luckily the requirements do not seem set too high so seeing this on older devices such as the EVO 4G is a strong possibility. 

ICS will launch with Google Shopper and NFC enabled devices will be able to take advantage of those features so hopefully that means we will be seeing an NFC EVO in the near future. For those unfamiliar, NFC stands for Near Field Communication which allows smart phones to act as credit cards to make payments at stores and even vending machines that support NFC.

One icon on the bottom right, in the tray bar, looks like the multitask button such as the one in Honeycomb but it has not yet been confirmed. Along with other Honeycomb type options, the Google search bar will be embedded in the top and lots of the apps and widgets seem to take after their Honeycomb cousins. 

In the shot above you can also get a taste of the new app tray. You can see at the top you will have your apps and widgets broken up for easy viewing as well as a quick shortcut to the Market. Another item that has me excited as a camera user since panorama mode is now built into the camera and so you can throw away all those apps you are using just for that one function. 

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to hit the Nexus Prime first, with other devices to follow. Hopefully we will be seeing it on our phones but it is still very early so only time will tell.

[RootzWiki via Android Police]
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