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Slick inverted Google+ App looks good on HTC EVO

G+ inverted 1 Everything looks better on a quality display. As users of the HTC EVO family of products, we can attest to this. We also like to stand out from the crowd so many of us may be interested in the slick inverted look to Google + (and Google Voice) that developer Robert has cooked up for the community.

I am personally very fond of the white on black look, and this will definitely be something I show off. The Google+ interface seems more pronounced and polished this way than in the official app. Google Voice? Looks even sharper.

Even though permanent root can now be had on the HTC EVO 3D, there is no need to be rooted to make this change. All you need to do is allow installation of apps from unknown sources (Menu > Settings > Applications > check the box), unzip the download, and install like any other .apk.

There are more pictures in this XDA thread so you can check it out before downloading. The devs have been good about updating the inverted app whenever Google releases an update, so it would be good to follow along in the thread for those.

After running the Google+ app for a bit, I can't say that I've found any operational glitches at all.  One small annoyance is that the app shows that it needs an update in my list of Market apps. It is the same version that is currently inverted.

The sexy looking Google Voice app, however, has been pesky. It gave me force close errors from the start. There are suggestions in the thread on how to get past this; none have worked for me but they have worked for others. As always make sure to uninstall the original Google+ application before installing the new themed version in case it causes any issues.

[Google+ App inverted, Socialize with a Black Color Theme”>Android Community]
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