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Sprint might buy Clearwire, secure funding to build out 4G network for HTC EVO users


Could Sprint be getting ready to acquire the remaining portion of Clearwire that it doesn't already own? According to several inside sources, this could be a distinct possibility. If it pans out, the deal would include a joint investment from cable companies such as Cox and Cablevision, which would provide the ailing Clearwire with the money it so desperately needs to continue building out and supporting its existing 4G WiMAX network. If true, this would also definitely be cause for celebration for current HTC EVO users across the US, who are worried about the slowed build-out of Sprint's 4G WiMAX network and Sprint's new commitment to 4G LTE.

While Clearwire has already announced plans to deploy an LTE Advanced network in the coming months and years, both Sprint and Clearwire have tried to squash fears that current WiMAX users would be left behind.

In my opinion, an infusion of cash from cable operators that support this acquisistion would only keep the pressure on Sprint to continue maintaining WiMAX for years to come. Indeed, most cable operators already rely on Clearwire's WiMAX network to deliver 4G service to their own customers, so I'm sure they wouldn't want to see that network turned off.

Perhaps this acquisition is also part of Sprint's big 4G announcement that we can expect later this fall. I will admit: all of this Sprint-Clearwire-LightSquared-WiMAX-LTE mumbo-jumbo is starting to make my head spin, but I'm sure Dan Hesse knows exactly what he's doing. Big things are certainly in store for Sprint and HTC EVO users.

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