Steve Jobs steps down from CEO position at Apple

iPad - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereAs many of you may have heard, Steve Jobs has stepped down from the CEO position over at Apple Inc due to his ill health. Whether you love him or hate him, since his reinstatement as CEO, his guidance of Apple has helped make a rather large impact on the current tech world. In particular, the world of portable tecnology. Before the iPad, tablets were unheard of. I for one never thought I had the need for a tablet. Yet here I am, a little over a year and a half later on a tablet dedicated website, writing about the gadgets I have grown to love. He was the one to spot the niche tablet market and bring it to the forefront of evolving technology. Because of the iPad, the world of computing has changed. Other companies are now following suite, with Android getting it’s own tablet flavour, Honeycomb, which is being deployed on a wide range of different tablets. Windows 8, a touch centric OS is now in development, with tablet computing being the ultimate beneficiary of this new flavour of Windows.

Although he has not disappeared from Apple entirely, he is no longer the top dog. I wish him good health and hope that he enjoys his new position as Chairman of the Board.


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Stuart Cope is a former contributing editor at Nothing But Tablets, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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