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Strap your HTC EVO down for a space dogfight in Silpheed Alternative


GungHo Online Entertainment has partnered with GAME ARTS to put the Silpheed franchise on the HTC EVO for the first time with Silpheed Alternative, a spiritual sequel to the sleeper hit Silpheed: The Lost Planet.

Amazing graphics, a pumping soundtrack with voiceover text, fast dogfighting combat, and ship customizations are just the tip of the iceberg here. Although my HTC EVO 4G cannot take advantage of this, you EVO 3D owners will love that this is one of the first games to feature Parallax 3D display support.

A revival of the shooter, Silpheed Alternative uses a behind-the-ship viewpoint as you take on an unknown threat at the edge of the galaxy that will lead you into the midst of an all-out interplanetary war in this highly polished and console worthy game.


Charged with piloting the most advanced fighter in the known galaxy, it is up to you to defend the mother planets. As you maneuver in combat using the on-screen controls, you can also control the ship using your phone's tilt sensors. After defeating the enemies and meeting mission objectives, you will be rewarded with the ability to upgrade to more powerful equipment and weapons in order to defeat the enemy onslaught.


Missions do vary in type from your standard "destroy everyone on screen" to protection of allied flagships or sniping the enemy flagship.

This is a large game and it requires an additional 150MB SD card installation, but with that comes stellar audio with a jamming soundtrack and voiceover not just on mission briefings but also allied radio chatter that updates you on the mission at hand live.


If you have never played an app by GAME ARTS then I say you need to jump on this, as rarely do you see a game with such polish and thought put into it, even on a console. I can easily say that Silpheed Alternative is better than most portable console games, and can even give the home consoles a run for their money.


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