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Today's free Amazon app: Rock out with Guitar Hero 5 on your HTC EVO

Guitar Hero 2This is one of those days we can all be thankful to have the Amazon Appstore on our HTC EVOs. Today's free app is Guitar Hero 5, a game that is normally priced at $7.99.

It's 2011, so if you have never played Guitar Hero on your Xbox 360, PS3, or even PS2 then you have indeed been living under a rock. Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band truly did take the age-old skill of playing the "air guitar" to new heights.

As you do on the full console version, the object in the mobile version is to effectively time your button pushes to the notes played in the song. What you see in the screenshot is what you get. You have no guitar fretboard to play on or whammy bar to throw in some extra "wa wa"; just good old-fashioned simple hand-eye coordination. You still get to build a set list, choose a venue (for what it's worth), and choose which instrument you play.

You also still get to interact with some classic tunes and waste a little time in your day as you try to escape reality. Maybe this is one of those things that you (gasp) get brave with and allow your son or daughter to do with your EVO.

How will the entertainment value stack up when played on a mobile device? I'm sure there are users out there who can enlighten us but until I get more time with it, I doubt it'll be anywhere near as fun as the console version. It would still be cool to break out a good tune and give your fingers a nice warm-up exercise before you set out on your long day of typing, working for The Man.

Rock on, friends.

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David Carleno

David is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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7 thoughts on “Today's free Amazon app: Rock out with Guitar Hero 5 on your HTC EVO

  • Avatar of VeronicaS

    This app looks horrid on my EVO 3d. Not sized right at all.

  • Aside from looking like crap it also seems to play midi music instead of a real track. I feel sorry for anyone who actually dropped $8 on this POS before this free offer.

  • Sounds like they should have named the article “Guitar Hero 5 blows on HTC EVO 3D”.

  • Got MIDI music at first but played the track when downloaded the higher quality as it suggested. The app is purely for fun and is in no way worth the $8. Just a basic timewaster. Best part is the option to turn sound off. Whodathunk on GH.

  • +1 def the worst reviewed app on Amazon App store so far.

  • Avatar of davidr521

    Geez, folks…it’s *free*. Not a bad time-waster for $0, and it can be moved to SD easily. Plus you can download the higher-quality songs…not bad.


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