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Total Equipment Protection available now for HTC EVO, regardless of purchase date

TEP-open-enrollment If you recently (or not-so-recently) purchased an HTC EVO 4G or EVO 3D but missed the 30-day enrollment window to sign up for Total Equipment Protection (TEP), Sprint is now allowing open enrollments in the program until the end of August. In addition, this open enrollment includes the Assurant Advanced Protection Pack for the HTC EVO View 4G, which was not available when the tablet was originally released at the end of June.

As a reminder, TEP costs $8/month and includes device replacement in case of loss, theft, or water damage for a $100 deductible, and device repair for no additional cost. The program also includes access to an app that allows you to locate a lost device on a map, activate an alarm, remotely lock and wipe the device, and backup your contacts.

The Advanced Protection Pack for the EVO View also includes tech support that can remotely connect to your tablet, file backup, virus defense, and several months of credit monitoring in case your device is stolen. This is available for $13/month.

According to a recent chat with a Sprint rep, open enrollment is only available for the $8 and $13 plans, not for the cheaper stand-alone insurance-only or repair-only plans. You can enroll by visiting or by logging in to your Sprint account and selecting "Change my services."

Without launching a debate on the merits of carrier-provided protection programs (I never opt for them), these can undoubtedly offer peace of mind for many individuals who are looking to protect their investments. So in case you missed the boat before and regretted your decision, jump on it now before it's too late!

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