United Continental Airlines now using iPads to go paperless

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The old method of using paper maps and charts just doesn’t cut it anymore, at least if you’re a major player in the airline industry. United Continental Airlines announced they will go paperless for all of their former paper needs. From here on out, manuals, maps, charts and the like will all be pre-loaded on Apple’s iPad in order to not only save the planet from wasted paper, but save them a little coin too.

In case you’re wondering, that’s going to be 11,000 iPads now in the hands of United Continental personnel. While this might seem like a big purchase, saving 16 million sheets of paper and 326,000 gallons of fuel seems a little bigger. That’s the difference a 1.5 lb tablet like an iPad can have for the airline industry.

The navigational application on the iPad is coming from a major player in the aviation industry as well. Boeing’s subsidiary, Jeppessen, will be supplying all of the navigational material for the UC Airlines. Between the efficiency of the iPad and the quality of the navigational software, pilots will be much more efficient by not having to thumb through thousands of sheets of papers and having unnecessary clutter lying around the cockpit. It all sounds good to me!


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