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Use a Playstation 3 controller on a rooted HTC EVO with Sixaxis Controller

Sixaxis We have covered Playstation-styled controllers that connect to your HTC EVO in the past, but now if you have a rooted EVO, you can use a real deal Playstation 3 DualShock controller to play your games. This is possible thanks to Dancing Pixel Studios' Sixaxis Controller app.

Before I even get into the details, I must repeat that to run Sixaxis Controller you must have root access. I have tested this on my CM7 HTC EVO 4G, but luckily you can download the free Sixaxis Compatibility Checker app to see if your phone is even supported. You will also need to manually pair your controller with the PC utility SixaxisPairTool and a miniUSB cable.

Now that the technicals are out of the way, let's discuss the app itself. Up to four controllers are supported at once, and key mappings are configurable. Use of the dual analog sticks is capable through the emulation of digital key presses, which you can see in the video below.


I am not going to lie and say that this is an easy app to get running but once it's set up, it sure is a great comfort to play games using a real controller designed for consoles.

Also since this app is only $1.73, the investment is quite low since most people who purchase it probably have a DualShock controller already.


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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