Voddler for iPad leaves a lot to be desired

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A couple of weeks ago Voddler came out with a dedicated app for the iPad. Optimized iPad apps are rather crucial for video apps, so it was definitely about time. Available in Scandinavia only, the 49NOK App lets you access the Voddler service on the go, meaning that you can stream movies, documentaries and TV shows to your iPad for free. Unfortunately they still don’t have the entire catalog optimized for mobile, meaning that there are even fewer items to choose from on the iPad app than on the web version. The only TV series you can watch for free, for instance, are Andromeda, The Saint (old), Crash and The Devil’s Mistress. The movie selection is slightly better, but not by much. Not exactly enough to compete with Hulu and Netflix in the US, though since this is for a whole different part of the world it doesn’t have to. Quite a hefty price for something this useless though, so they might want to consider dropping it to 7 NOK (equivalent of $1) until there is more content.


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Andreas Ødegård

Andreas Ødegård is more interested in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware than chasing the latest gadgets. His day job as a teacher keeps him interested in education tech and takes up most of his time.

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4 thoughts on “Voddler for iPad leaves a lot to be desired

  • Glad you checked out and reviewed our app. Hope ok with a few comments and reflections from us here at Voddler.

    You’re absolutely right that we are weak on TV-shows on the iPad. More are to come, but on the iPad, just like on our website, we’ve focused in our initial days on feature films. TV-series are our focus when it comes to content acquisition in the coming months.

    But for the feature films on the iPad, the dominant customer feedback has been that the 200+ titles we offer there now (a number that is growing) are very satisfactory. Personally, I think it’s great that titles like The Hours, Cider House Rules, Monster’s Ball, Saw, The Magic Flute, Infernal Affairs, Arthur & the Minimoys are all available for free.

    But your baseline point is of course very valid: there should be more. There should *always* be new titles – so we’re working to increase the catalog. The goal is of course to have exactly the same number of titles on the iPad (or on our iPhone and Android-apps for that matter) as we do on the website, where we currently have some 2500 films and 1400 TV-shows.

    To get there, we have to go back to every film distributor and content owner and negotiate new rights, though, so it is time consuming. For every new platform we also have to pay more for the rights for each film so we have to take that into consideration as well.

    On an iPad/iPhone-specific note: We are currently not offering any rental movies at all here. Apple in-store-purchase policy with its 30% provision on the price makes it an unsustainable business for us. We’re already sharing 50%-70% with the movie studios of the rental price – an additional 30% means we would lose money on every sale. We’re hoping Apple will review its policy here…

    The iPhone-app we have out is a free app. The iPad-app, as you write, is a pay app. We chose to make it a pay app to cover the extra costs that the larger screen on the iPad entails, both for storing the film and for streaming. We could of course add more ads before the movies as a way to cover the costs, but we thought this was a better way of covering the costs, so that we wouldn’t interfer more with the viewing experience.

    We are of course evaluating whether 49 NOK is a good price level, but right now, given that the app was number one in the Apple Pay App charts in all our four markets its first week, we think it appropriate and a fair exchange with our customers.

    Again, thanks for reviewing our app!

    Anders Sjöman
    [email protected]

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      Wow, thanks for the insight. It’s interesting to see how much the 30% Apple tax hinders your bottom line (obviously), which makes it that much harder to give the consumers what you/they want. That’s rather unfortunate.

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    Hi, i am having problems downloading the app in the iPad app store. Please suggest how i can get it.


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