What should I be doing with my Dell Streak 7, and how?


Before I get into my actual post, I'd like to quickly introduce myself. For those of you who aren't reading (or have never read) Pocketables, one of StreakSmart's sister sites, you probably have no idea who I am. My name is Calob Horton. I'm the Managing Editor of Pocketables and now I'm a contributing editor here at StreakSmart.

Naturally, I'm incredibly psyched to be writing here with an amazing team of Streak aficionados like myself and can't wait to bring some fantastic content to you, the readers. I just got a Dell Streak 7 today and since it's my first Streak, I'd like to ask for some advice from you guys to help me set it up. I will tell you the things I want to do, and hopefully, you'll tell me apps and techniques/hacks to help me do them. 

I'm not scared of any level of difficulty to get where I want to be. In fact, I'd love for it to be challenging so I can help others get their Streaks the same way, if they like what I see. So please, don't hold back.


One of my favorite things to do on any mobile device is gaming. However, I am always lusting for more screen real estate on which to play them. Now that I have the Streak 7, I've got a few games in mind, but I like to go out and look for some fantastic games from solo devs or development firms that may not be in the limelight on the Android Market. I'm also not opposed to hacking my way to playing ROMs on emulators, either. The Tegra 2 processor should handle any games/gaming hacks you guys recommend, so go wild below. 


I'm a big one for personalizing all of my gadgets. I've jailbroken my iPhone already, but have never done anything remotely similar to any of my Android devices. So here's where I want the most advice: should I root and throw a custom ROM on my Streak, or should I stick with themes? There's also the possibility of staying with Dell's Stage UI, but I've already done a few adjustments to that: all of the Stage widgets are gone. 

Media consumption

I love music. I've got accounts on Slacker, Pandora, and Spotify. Each has its own positives and negatives, and I want to know if there are any better music streaming services out there. And, one of my requirements is that I have a native app I can use. Browsers are great, but like a lot of other people, I prefer to use an app that's specifically for the OS I'm using. 

Turning to video, I've got an account on YouTube and Hulu, but not Hulu Plus. I also haven't yet signed up with Netflix, so I'm guessing that I hardly have any extra options for video streaming and enjoying. However, if you know of any, please let me know in the comments. 

Any other good apps and hacks

I also love being productive on my devices, and having my devices be more productive and efficient for me. So if there is anything else I should be doing to make my Streak 7 even more awesome than it already is, I'd like to know.

Thanks in advance for the information, everyone.

And I hope you'll enjoy my future posts, as well. As a disclaimer, I won't ever ask for "help" ever again, but if I can relate more closely with you guys, then I can bring content tailored specifically to you too.

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