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White HTC EVO 3D headed exclusively to RadioShack on September 9th


Best Buy is better known for temporary exclusivity on white versions of popular phones, but it seems that RadioShack won the proverbial bidding war for dibs on the upcoming white HTC EVO 3D.

Unlike the self-made white phone with the black stripe we saw last month, the Sprint-infused EVO 3Ds hitting the Shack shelves on September 9th will be almost completely decked out in white with silver—not red—accents. The front bezel is still black, but the white trim wrapping around from the back gives it less of that "open oreo cookie" look that the white EVO 4G has.

Pricing hasn't been announced, but it's a safe bet to expect the same $199.99 with two-year contract or eligible upgrade cost of its black counterpart (when the latter's not on sale for $99, of course).

[@RadioShack] Thanks, DS!

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16 thoughts on “White HTC EVO 3D headed exclusively to RadioShack on September 9th

  • Avatar of EvoBluBalls

    sweet indeed!! hopefully i can upgrade early next month

  • Avatar of Bill Mitchell

    I don’t get it. Why would a man want a white phone? Total chick color IMHO. Why not just buy a pink case and be done with it?

  • Avatar of XpAcErX

    why couldn’t they get with the program and make the whole front white too? just another oreo evo.

  • Uhhhh..the front IS white. Unless you count the screen.. I don’t believe you’d like that colored white.

  • Avatar of MsRandall

    I thought my eyes were failing me…I was like it is all white except the screen….lol

  • Avatar of Alexander Figueroa

    don’t like it

  • I like it but hate it because I can’t have it. My launch day black 3d will have to do the job.

  • because apple would sue them.

  • soooo prettttyyyyyy. but i wish it was a red camera accent

  • So annoying, why dont they come out with both colors at launch!!

  • Avatar of Steve Gaudreau

    Meh! the white gets dirty too easy and sorta yellows after awhile. The last white phone I had was my beloved lg fusic. Atleast you could change the face cover to different colors. I took the pink one and painted it engine block orange.

  • I think just to be different if the white one had been out I would of probably gotten in but oh well I’m happy with what I got.

  • hmm, no thanks! White is a magnet for dirt…still better than an IPhone though. haha!


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