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Your HTC EVO and DeLorme’s inReach Satellite Communicator team up to save your life

InReach Your phone can be a life saver in an emergency but it is dependent on a cellular signal of some kind, which is not always available in the remote wilderness or ocean. Now your HTC EVO can team up with DeLorme's inReach Satellite Communicator device to allow two-way communication from virtually any position on the globe.

The inReach Satellite Communicator is a $249.95 device that pairs with your phone. It then allows you to send messages of up to 160 characters to any email address, Twitter, or Facebook account. The recipient can then respond to you in real time, which is a big breakthrough as earlier DeLorme devices were one-way affairs.

Utilizing a globe circling constellation of 66 satellites from Iridium, inReach will allow communication from almost anywhere in the world that satellite service is available. inReach operates on two AA batteries with operation times as long as 48 hours, with the SOS signal being sent every 10 minutes.

InReach2 Now you will need to subscribe to a monthly plan of your choice. The Safety plan allows 10 messages and SOS capabilities for $9.95/month. The Recreational plan offers 40 messages, unlimited tracking, and SOS for $24.95/month. The Pro plan provides 120 messages, unlimited tracking, and SOS for $49.95/month.

Please keep in mind that this is not meant to be used to let your friends know you are having a good time. It's meant for those situations of extreme peril, hence the limited messages that are included with the plans.

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