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YouTube update brings title editing and playlists to HTC EVO

YoutubeLists It is always great when Google shows Android some more love and today's update of YouTube to version 2.2.14 lands on the HTC EVO with some great changes to help prove that loving relationship.

Along with the usual bug fixes and performance upgrade notes in the release, there are some great modifications that have been made to the uploading UI. Unlike previous versions of the app, once a video has been uploaded to YouTube, you will now be able to make use of the ability to edit the title, description, and the privacy of your uploaded video.

For those who aren't producers but are voyeurs of YouTube content, Google has not forgotten about you. New abilities in this latest update include the ability to create, edit, and delete playlists just like you might do on your computer. 

The new update is available in the Android Market. As it is incredibly easy to create a sharable list, why don't you all post some in the comments to share with us. Please be courteous and include a NSFW tag if it might have offensive material. Here's a possibly NSFW list I created on my phone of some random videos to get things started.

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