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ZAGG introduces Bluetooth keyboard for HTC EVO 3D and View 4G

Zagg-keyboard ZAGG, the makers of some of the most popular screen protectors for HTC EVO phones and tablets, are now accepting preorders for a new Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Complete with a built-in stand that they claim can hold tablets securely in both portrait and landscape modes, the keyboard will come in black, silver, and white models.

While the HTC EVO 3D phone and EVO View 4G tablet are not explicitly mentioned as compatible, their sister devices (the HTC Sensation 4G and the HTC Flyer) are. In fact, while the Sensation is only listed as having "good" compatibility, the Flyer is rated as "excellent" – the highest compatibility rating awarded by ZAGG. We should note, however, that this "excellent" rating is only for portrait mode, and is lowered to "good" when using the device in landscape mode. (Hey, at least they're honest!)

In any case, we can probably expect that the EVO 3D and View 4G should fare similarly as far as compatibility goes.

With island-style keys that should provide a good typing experience, the keyboard is lightweight and contains a built in battery that, according to ZAGG, should last weeks before it needs to be recharged.  The top of the keyboard also contains dedicated function keys, including home, search, slideshow, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, and music, among others.

With an estimated ship date of August 10, it's available for preorder on ZAGG's website right now for $69.99. Do you plan on picking one of these up?

[ZAGG via Android Central]
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4 thoughts on “ZAGG introduces Bluetooth keyboard for HTC EVO 3D and View 4G

  • Avatar of Johnny Clark

    I have one for my Ipad 1. It’s bluetooth so I assume it’ll work with my og evo and my evo3d….Haven’t tried it yet

  • this is almost identical to the iPad 2 version that i got my girlfriend…for her new iPad 2 that i got her ;)

  • Not true. I remember a regular old bluetooth keyboard didnt work on the OG EVO since they had a poorly written BT stack from HTC. It was only when you flashed CM 7 that would get it to work. I havent tried to see if they work on on 2.3.3.

  • Avatar of Crippleb

    Why would landscape take down compatibility? Are they trying to say that the Bluetooth signal is worse in landscape. Anyone know why there are different compatibility levels?


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