Zinio goes IAP with version 2.0

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With Apple now forcing digital content publishers to offer IAP (in-app purchases) options for purchasing content or else remove any links to off-app stores, it was only a matter of time until Zinio had to do something about its magazine reader app as well. It just released version 2.0, and the new version of the app goes a different route than the Kindle app and others: it actually adds IAP functionality. Along with several other updates, there is now a new tab in the app that allows you to buy magazines and subscriptions right there in the app. To me this is great news seeing as though Zinio has proven to be a master of giving away personal information in the past, something that should hopefully be a lot more difficult when Apple handles the transactions. I’m not quite sure how much this will help Zinio in the long run though, as Apple’s own Newsstand app in iOS 5 will go head-to-head with it. Then again, iBooks was a failure worthy of the history books and so there might be hope yet.

[Zinio in the App Store]

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