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Add Quick Settings and Recent Apps to your favorite HTC EVO stock ROM

Uploadfromtaptalk1316606609186 Let's face it: Sense 3.0 is awesome. Everybody rocking an HTC EVO 3D can tell you this in a heartbeat. But what about all of us that are still rockin' that OG EVO?

Well, if you have the white HTC EVO 4G, you can give up because your phone is now EOL . . . or you can breath some new life into that "old" rooted EVO of yours.

One of the most useful features of Sense 2.1/3.0 is the Quick Settings tab in the notification pulldown. This makes turning on WiFi or turning off GPS a breeze. Another nice feature added to the notification pulldown is the bar at the top that lets you easily switch between recently used apps (yeah, you can just long-press the Home button, but this is cooler). 

But what if you are like me and use a stock-based ROM? By that I mean a ROM that hasn't been ported from the Shift 4G, EVO 3D, Rhyme, or whatever. Well, if you use stock-based EVO ROM, but still want these nifty features added to your notification pulldown, then EVO developer ca1ne has a solution for you.

ca1ne has ported Quick Settings and Recent Apps into your stock ROM (based off of the 4.53.651.1 OTA). 

If you run one of the stock ROMs floating around out there (including Team Nocturnals), these downloads will get you going: Quick Settings and Recent Apps | Just Quick Settings

If you are running Swagged Out Stock, you can grab these files to enable the new features (these are a work-in-progress that will be included in the ROM in the future): Quick Settings and Recent Apps | Just Quick Settings ( "Just Quick Settings" is only the SystemUI.apk and must be pushed to /system/app).

If you are a fan of ldc2335's Smooth n Sexy ROM, that dev has included this into the latest release of SNS: Link to ROM

Enjoy toggling on your new-lookin' OG EVO!

Remember: Also perform a nandroid backup before performing mods like this.

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