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Aldiko is a good option for reading books on the HTC EVO

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Much like taking native screenshots, we HTC EVO users have to live in a book-reading world that isn't always as easy as it is in iDevice-land. I strongly dislike having to envy iDevice users, so I went on a journey to find a simple e-reader that actually looks good. 

I started with the big names: B&N, Amazon, Google, etc. They all have decent looking options, but I wanted that bookshelf vibe. I also don't like to read that much and don't see myself spending more that $5 on a book, so I wanted an app that would be good for viewing .epub or .pdf books that I, erm, compiled myself. 

Enter Aldiko Book Reader. This app just looks good. It may be lacking a feature here or a feature there compared to the the other e-reader apps floating around, but Aldiko offers just enough features to look sexy and be functional to me. 

For instance, flipping pages is a breeze: just tap the right side of the screen to go forward, or the left side to go backward. There are also in-app brightness and orientation controls (good for .pdfs that can't switch to night mode). For files that can be manipulated by the app a little more (.epub files), font size and color can be changed and a night mode option is available. 

Of course, Aldiko touts the basic e-reader features of bookmarks and what-not. The best feature by far to me, though, is shelf view (shown above). It looks similar to iBooks, but doesn't look like a crappy knock off. Plus, you don't have to use Aldiko's built-in store; you can easily import any .epub or .pdf sitting on your SD card. 

If you are a light reader like me, Aldiko Book Reader 2.0 is probably the right choice for you. Check it out for free in the Android Market.

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Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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Sam Sarsten

Sam Sarsten is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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7 thoughts on “Aldiko is a good option for reading books on the HTC EVO

  • Avatar of Jeff Fox

    I’ve used Aldiko from day 1 on my EVO 4G and now on my rooted Color Nook (with CM7 goodness). It works great and gets better with every update. I love the unlimited supply of free scifi short stories and novels.

  • Avatar of Odell

    I used Aldiko for a long time before I startind using the Kindle app. Great app and the selection of free books is extensive. Highly recommended.

  • Avatar of Snakeface

    I buy ebooks from both kindle and nook apps, and am also a fan of ‘compiling’ my own collection since I read constantly. I use Calibre for formatting and device sync and this is and has been my ‘go-to’ app for on-device reading since the Hero days.

  • Avatar of Crodley

    I’ve tried aldiko, and while it was ok, I ended up going to moon+ reader. It has a ton of features and looks quite polished. I couldn’t find anything that aldiko could do that moon couldn’t also do. I love being able to long press a word to see it’s definition. I’ve since gone to the paid version and haven’t regretted it.

  • Avatar of bk w/ bloody sauce

    i used aldiko only as a reader until their update..where they took the titles off the main you see from the screenshot above, so unless you don’t add any of your books to it or you add the image yourself, you have no idea which book is which..unless you go to list view…rant over. I kept the apk of the original reader and I use it and don’t allow it to update..I have been playing around with fbreader also.

  • Avatar of fonseca898

    I’ve used Aldiko since it was first released on the market. I’ve tried every other reader but this is the only one to consistently be installed after flashing a new ROM. My only caveat is that it’s really only good for epub format.

    I’d still like to have an e-ink device eventually. A few hours of reading on my Evo’s screen and I feel it in my eyes.


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