Amazon press conference scheduled for tomorrow

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In what might be the worst kept secret in tech, Amazon tomorrow is hosting a press conference in NYC (US), which should be the announcement of their potential tablet. Nothing else has been mentioned about the press conference, but that’s pretty much what should go down.

For those of you that haven’t been updated on the rumors, the new Kindle tablet should be called the Amazon Fire. It should be similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook in size and build quality, have no cameras, few hardware buttons, and will be heavily synchronized with Amazon’s services. There should be a healthy dose of cloud support, Kindle support, Amazon Prime TV streaming, and of course shopping. The OS is a heavily customized version of Android, and will be paired with the Amazon app store. If all of this comes true, we can see much more clearly why Amazon has made some moves the last year or so to get involved in some of their services. Following Apple’s footsteps, a complete eco-system is one that’s easy to stay in, and hard to leave. Amazon offers many services and a tablet is one way to have everything interconnected.

It’s still up in the air as to whether Amazon is going after the iPad (heavy gaming capabilities), or the Nook Color (reading focussed), but it really shouldn’t matter for most because anything they offer will be extremely polished and capable. We will keep you posted tomorrow as the news unfolds, but expect to have yet another entry into the tablet crowd.

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