Android making progress on the HP TouchPad

Ah, the TouchPad. The little tablet that failed, got discontinued, and sold out in roughly 7.21 seconds when it hit the $99 stock clearing price. Ever since that happened, porting Android to the TouchPad has been a high priority for CyanogenMod, a developer group that is famous for custom Android builds for various devices, including the Nook Color. They’ve made a lot of progress and now have 3D gaming running on the TouchPad via Android. Both WiFi and audio is working, WebOS and Android can be dual-booted, and the build has access to the full power of the 1.2Ghz dual core CPU. With the TouchPad’s 1024 x 768 screen (much lower than most Android tablets that size), there’s a chance that the TouchPad can be a really powerful beast of a tablet when it has that much power to run a relatively low res screen. Then again, there seem to be some issues with the screen’s aspect ratio at the moment, since 4:3 isn’t exactly a standard Android screen format.

The hack hasn’t been released to the public yet as it isn’t quite ready, but they’ve made tremendous progress in a short while. A tablet with the specs of the TouchPad, running Android, and hopefully purchased at $99 is one heck of a deal that I hope many people will enjoy.

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