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Cut the Rope delivers hours of fun to your HTC EVO

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I don't have a lot of great games on my HTC EVO 4G that involve razor blades and candy. Well, actually to be precise, there is only one that I've discovered so far. Cut The Rope, as it's called, was originally an award-winning game written for iOS, but has been perfectly ported over to Android.

With Cut The Rope, the object is to deliver candy to the mouth of a critter called Om Nom and hit stars along the way by cutting ropes, flinging your peppermint through the air, and not having your candy stolen by overly-cute spiders or have it fall off the screen or break.

Img[1] As you progress you'll run into bubbles that float, spikes, ropes on sliders, and an increasingly difficult array of obstacles that will make you wonder why it's so difficult to feed this little critter (it's as though the universe plots to deny him easy access to a breath mint.)

Cut the Rope comes in at $1 in the Android Market, but you can save a penny on it and also buy Om Nom plush dolls over at Amazon. Even though it's been around for a few months now, it's still one of the few games I think is underpriced for the enjoyment.

There doesn't appear to be a trial version, but if you don't like it you should have 15 minutes to return it for a refund.

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