Dell announces the Streak Pro 101DL, but is it the Opus One?

Dell-streak-pro The Streak world is abuzz today about the newly revealed Dell Streak Pro 101DL, a Gingerbread-running phone with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen destined for Japanese carrier SoftBank. Release is set for January 2012 in Japan as well as a planned international rollout by Dell.

The phone packs a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core CPU, an 8MP rear facing camera paired with a 1.3MP forward camera for video chat, as well as dual W-CDMA and GSM bands. It looks set to launch with Dell Stage 2.0 overtop of Android 2.3. That 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Gorilla Glass screen comes with a QHD resolution of 540 x 960.

The Streak Pro appears to have a rubberized back with grooves similar to those seen on the recent Toshiba Thrive tablets. It also has four capacitive buttons along the bottom edge, compared with the three found on the Streak 5. The headphone jack is mounted across the top, and the volume rocker seems to have been replaced by two physical circular buttons.

Given the rumored release timeframe and spec bump could we be looking at the Opus One? Or is this just a new Dell device altogether?

Either way, this at least assures us that Dell still has plans for its Streak line and that it's willing to play ball as far as hardware is concerned. Obviously more information (RAM, pricing, availability) is necessary before we can draw any clear conclusions, but this will undoubtedly give hope to those that thought a new Streak was out of the question. 

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Jon Jones

Jon Jones is a former contributing editor at StreakSmart, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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26 thoughts on “Dell announces the Streak Pro 101DL, but is it the Opus One?

  • Avatar of streak4m3

    Perfect. Big enough screen, great camera, fast dual core processor and awesome resolution and s smoled plus display! Perrrrfecto!

  • It is not the Opus 1, the 5″ form factor was officially killed. This is their next best approach. If it had the 5″ screen I would be doing cartwheels, but with a 4.3″ screen, I will have to wait and see if the beefed up tech makes up for the smaller form factor.
    If the Note has a 5+” screen and the same tech, it would be hard to go smaller.

  • Avatar of Jeremy

    yeah looks cool except that they are saying a january release in japan with an international to follow, meaning nothing in the US till spring or summer? by that time those specs will be obsolete, this thing should be coming out now

  • meh….

    Dell’s haphazard support for the Streak 5 & 7 has totally disheartened me with their products & support.

    I’m looking forward to the Samsung Note, or the HTC Titan running Windows 7.5 (Mango).

    I love my streak, and it’ll make the best alarm clock for a very long time, but…. oh well..

    Dell dropped the ball…

  • Same with me I need the 5+ screen size. The Dell Streak 5 is a big phone but I think it would have been better if they shrunk the distance between the the top of the phone to the top of the screen and shrunk the same distance from the end of the screen to the bottom of the phone. Also, maybe extending the screen size closer to the edge of the phone would have been cool too. But the specs on this phone is definitely up to par with future phones that have been released and are being released. Super Amoled is definitely amazing I just hope the battery is 2200+. What do you guys think the OS will updated to for this phone? (I know it says 2.3 but for a phone like this, it should get the latest update).

  • Can you please post a link to the page were they officially killed off the 5″ form factor?

  • Avatar of krazman

    A 4.3″ screen makes this “just another phone.” Combined with Dell’s miserable support, equals a cold day in h-ll before I purchase another Dell product. Very few software updates and a tech support that consists of a tech asking if you looked on ebay for replacement parts because “We don’t sell replacement parts” means the Samsung Note will be my next device.

  • Avatar of Esco

    Your all alone on this one buddy….

  • Avatar of dwnhllfreak

    Dells bad support and I definitely want a 5″ screen means no to me.

  • Avatar of Dbrown

    Wont by they didnt support ds5 so samsung note here I come

  • Avatar of nystreak

    Amen Esco. Samsung to our 5″ rescue.

  • Avatar of kuroguma

    Its really sad my dell can’t stand up too a cheap phone specs now of days go phones running 2.3 sad notes to be taken dell. Note Samsung

  • Avatar of Mr Bernadôtte


  • Avatar of Streaker Mike_89

    dell=fail…. again…

    yayyyy for samsung!

  • Avatar of p51d007

    You are on your own…I WILL NOT purchase another Dell phone again. Made that mistake once, will not make it again.
    4.3 is too small. Dell won’t support it, or will tie it to at&t again, and at&t won’t support it because it isn’t an iphone. I wish at&t would just stop pretending, and stop selling anything but iphones. You go into their store, and the store drones will point you to one, suggest one, and the store looks like a clone of an Apple store.
    Sorry, if Samsung does eventually release the Note in the USA, that will probably be my upgrade. I’m still on 2.2.2, because I’ve not found one 99.9% bullet proof gingerbread. Dell isn’t going to release it, and you know at&t doesn’t give a hoot about supporting it.

  • Avatar of Commanderastig

    Getting this would be taking 10 steps backwards. Going to get samsung note when it’s coming out early next year. My streak will still hold up till then.

  • Avatar of DaveBSC

    Yawn. Galaxy SII already does basically all of this stuff, and its available today. You fail again Dell. The Streak 5 was unique because nobody else was playing in the 5″ form factor. Now Samsung has the Galaxy 5 player for those that use their Streaks as Wifi tablets, and the Galaxy Note for those that use their Streaks as phones. You have… nothing.

  • Avatar of Themanii

    This is likely the “millenium” codenamed device

    The roadmap was actually 2 pictures, 1 of tabs, 1 of phones.

    The millenium fits just about perfectly with the description of the Streak pro.

    There’s also the “hancock” which might be a slider version/varient of the streak pro, but it has yet to be formally announced (if it still exists)

    The opus one is likely to be a 5.3″-5.5″ device if it still exists

  • Avatar of Jon Jones

    yeah going back over everything you’re probably right. I expect the Opus One to make its appearance at MWC and not a moment soon. I doubt there will be any leaks considering the very low profile of Dell devices.

  • As I can from Argentina, buy your product (Dell Streak)?

  • Avatar of Saravanan

    I would better go for Samsung. Had worst exp with Dell.

  • Avatar of Underdoc

    No, he ain’t. I could happily go with a 4.3″ screen. Everything else about this phone sounds perfect, scpecs-wise.

  • Avatar of Underdoc

    Why is everyone bitching about Dell’s support? My Streak works flawlessly, never needed support for it; for my laptop, however, Dell’s support has been impecable.

  • Avatar of GoodToGo

    Yaaawn, generic phone like the 5000 others…

  • Avatar of LungJian

    Not quite generic, with a dual-core 1.5GHz proc, but yes, Dell is aiming this device at a larger demographic than that served by the original Streak 5. Both the screen size and resolution are lower than what was announced for the Opus One, but it’s possible Dell decided to go mainstream instead of niche. With fierce competition from HTC and Samsung, I think they’ll be even more disappointed in their sales of this device.

    Could also be the Opus One is being saved for CES. Every major company tries to have at least one new product launch there and given the fact that Dell’s only unique product has been the Streak, it’s quite possible that the OO still exists and is waiting to pounce. Let’s hope so, because Samsung’s support and upgrade history is even worse than Dell’s.


    I otdered my samsung note await delivery will keep u all posted on my experiences with it.


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