Dell Streak 5 challenged by new Samsung Galaxy Note

Galaxy-note Here on StreakSmart, we don't usually write about competitors to the Streak line of Android devices. But after watching the Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin yesterday, I was honestly shocked at the announcement of the new Samsung's latest Android 2.3 smartphone, the Galaxy Note. Why? Because of the similarities between the two devices. Even though the Galaxy Note's specs absolutely demolish the Streak 5 into the ground, it's still quite easy to draw comparisons.

For those who haven't heard, the Note has a 1.4GHz Exynos dual-core processor, a 1280 x 800 Super AMOLED HD 5.3-inch screen, Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread), Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0 UX, and even NFC (Near Field Communication). It also has a something that Samsung calls the S Pen, which is similar to the HTC Flyer/EVO View's Scribe pen, a pressure-sensitive pen that can be used with the Galaxy Note and supposedly future devices, mobile and tablets alike.

One of the most interesting features of the Note (and the reason why I'm writing this) is the 5.3-inch screen.

It is an interesting size for a major smartphone manufacturer like Samsung to have on one of their devices because it is generally considered too large to be a smartphone and too small to be a tablet. Samsung has solved this issue by calling its latest Android handset a "Smart Mobile Device" while still maintaining "smartphone portability." Obviously, if the Galaxy Note maintains "smartphone portability" then the Streak 5 does too, and maybe we could stop calling the Streak a tab-phone, tablet smartphone, etc. Maybe we should just call it a  "Smart Mobile Device" and potentially re-categorize it altogether.

In my opinion, Samsung has created the Galaxy Note to try to dominate the "large smartphone market," which currently consists mainly of the Dell Streak (5") and Samsung Infuse 4G (4.5"). According to my theory (which is very likely incorrect), Samsung announced the Note after the discontinuation of our beloved Streak to try and pick up the users who like the large screen for web browsing, multimedia, games, etc. but aren't keen on having a phone that has been discontinued and will likely not receive any more software updates. A bit sneaky (and unlikely) but it would be a pretty clever plan if it were true.

Another theory of mine is that Samsung took a look at the Streak 5 and thought that the "oversized phone market" is somewhere it would like to be more distinct in. Maybe the company liked the 5-inch display and thought "how can we make this better and put our own spin on it?"

If you think about it, Samsung has taken the Streak 5 and changed every detail possible. The Note has a newer version of Android, a dual-core processor, a higher clockspeed on each core, a larger screen with higher resolution and better screen technology (TFT vs. Super AMOLED HD). It's also lighter, thinner, and has bigger battery (1530 mAh vs. 2500 mAh).

I suspect that the Galaxy Note will be more successful than the Streak and will increase interest in smartphones larger than the now more common 3.7- to 4.3-inch devices. Maybe it will even lay the groundwork for the release and wild success of the Opus One!

Assuming the Note is even released in the US (and you're in the US), will the Note be replacing your Streak? What about everyone else?

[Samsung Mobile Press via Pocketables]
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Brodie Duncan

Brodie Duncan is a former contributing editor at StreakSmart, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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