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Download torrents on your HTC EVO with tTorrent Lite

Ttorrenticon There are many reasons to need to download a torrent. Usually, it's not for the most legal reason. However, there may be a time when you are on-the-go and need to download one on your HTC EVO. I'm not gonna judge; I'll just show you how to do it. The files you decide to download are up to you. 

The easiest app (that I have found) to download torrents is tTorrent Lite. This bad boy likes to do its job without complaining.

First, find a torrent you want to download via your EVO's internet browser. When you click on the torrent – at least on Swagged Out|Stock - the option to open the file with tTorrent is presented, making life easy. For sites that don't give you this convenience (some won't), you simply need to select the downloaded torrent file from your pull-down notification area.

Now, tTorrent gives you the normal torrent-downloading run down (which files you want to download and such). Then you just hit Download and it all works. 

All of your files are saved in the "torrent" folder on your SD card. A quick trip to this app's settings allow you to change the save location. 

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The big drawback of this "Lite" application is the download limit. Downloads are throttled at 250kB/s. This is a bummer is you are trying to download multiple files at a time, but it will usually suffice for your occasional, on-the-go torrent downloading. 

To unlock unlimited downloading and to remove those pesky ads, all you need to do is buy the full version for $2.99 through PayPal (this is done while in tTorrent).

If you are looking to download a bunch of torrents, you should probably think about a torrent remote. There are many available of the Android Market (many good, free options too, I might add). As a µTorrent user, my favorite is µTorrent Remote, which connects to your computer that is already running µTorrent and allows you to manage and add downloads while you are away from home. Pretty nifty, but these remote apps will not download torrents directly to your HTC EVO. 

So, looking for some torrent downloadin' on-the-go? Check out tTorrent Lite (it's free).

Word of advice, use WiFi when downloading larger torrents and try not to get in trouble with the RIAA or MPAA!


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