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Facebook update adds pull-to-refresh, new sharing/tagging options, and more to HTC EVO

Fb2 In my honest opinion, Facebook for Android has never kept up with its iOS counterpart. When I look at my girlfriend's iPhone 3GS and my HTC EVO 4G feels inferior . . . I get infuriated.

All right, the Facebook app isn't that bad, but several features have been missing since the beginning. Today, that has changed. In the latest version (1.7), many features have been added or changed: 

  • Sharing with who you want is easier
  • Improved sharing tool
  • Added ability to tag friends and places in photos and posts
  • New design for Profile
  • Swiping for photo browsing
  • Improved messages and notifications
  • Swipe to delete posts or archive messages
  • Pull-to-refresh
  • Fixed crashes and performance issues

I have to say this update to Facebook for Android is a big step in the right direction! Hopefully the Zuckerberg will keep it up.


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[Android Police]
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Sam Sarsten

Sam Sarsten is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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8 thoughts on “Facebook update adds pull-to-refresh, new sharing/tagging options, and more to HTC EVO

  • A few more changes and I might move back from FriendCaster, though I find it unlikely. The biggest problem is the update history for Facebook — they have completely broken the app multiple times for many users, simply by releasing a “bugfix” update.

    Maybe they’ll get their act together and actually start doing wider testing before releases? That’s the biggest change I want out of the FB app, rather than adding features.

    Now if only we could convince Google to release a tablet-optimized Google+ client…

  • For now, I don’t even use the Facebook app anymore – the mobile website does the job. I’d like to see the messenger application get some more attention. Make it so that all kinds of notifications (pokes, comments on posts, event invites, etc) come in as messages too.

  • Avatar of Steve

    FB recently changed the way one receives ALL notifications (pokes, comments on posts, event invites, etc) You STILL can get them forwarded via email to your device, however you’ll have to dig into Facebook settings on the web. They have now “grouped” your notifications via email into a few emails spread out over the day. It’s there way of having you not be inundated with countless emails.

    The FB app has always sucked when it comes down to true push notifications. When I say “push” I mean for instance when someone comments on a Four Square check in, I get a PUSH, Four Square icon up in my notification bar…immediately. When someone reply’s to my Google + posting, I get a Google + icon in my notification bar…Immediately. I DON’T need to open the apps as I do in FB to get notified that there has been some “action” on my account. I’ve no clue why this is so difficult for FB to figure out. Precisely why I’ve moved on (for the most part) to Google +. It’s just that much better than FB. Leave FB for the kiddies… PS if you need a Google + invite let me know.

  • Avatar of velociraptors

    I updated and reverted to version 1.6.4 after about 2 hours. It was trying to get a GPS fix every 10 minutes, even though I wasn’t using the app, for absolutely no reason.

    I’d be a lot happier if there was a way to report bugs or find out about known issues.

  • I think I read recently that they were only grouping the messages to alleviate heavy users of automated email notifications. Maybe I wasn’t clear, but I actually DO like the Facebook Messenger application that is separate from the regular old Facebook app. What I would like to see the Facebook messenger application do is push any kind of notification to my device sans all the bells and whistles of the Facebook app.

    And yeah – G+ is way better, but most of the people I know aren’t on it. I’ve invited them, I guess I just need to wait for the masses to flock.

  • Avatar of Caleb

    well it didnt even work for me.Never really use Facebook but worst update to date in my opinion.

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    I use the app here and there but I agree that its insane that they can’t get notifications to push unless the app is opened. I use the mobile site and it just use the desktop feature if I need to really use the site. I’m getting tired of fb as a whole and I kind of wish that Google+ will catch on and leave it in the dust like fb did to myspace and myspace did to friendster.

  • Avatar of frank

    So the update didn’t bring tagging option that part is bs


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