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Good and EVO app now available for free download [Updated]

Goodandevo-app We're working our way through all your feedback and suggestions on what you want to see on G&E, and while some of the changes will take some time to put into place, others can be done quite quickly.

For example, G&E reader amaults27 asked for a glossary of terms and a few hours later, Paul put one out. If you ever need to refer to it somewhere down the line, you can find a permanent link in the navigation bar below the site banner.

Many of you also asked for a mobile version of the site. I'm not a fan of mobile sites at all, which is why I never looked into making one before, but I'm working on it now. G&E isn't on WordPress, so there's more than just a simple plug-in involved to get something functional together, but in the meantime, I have something better for you: an app!

It still needs some work as well, but it's free, easy to read, and you can access the original full-website version of a story, adjust the refresh rate, and move it to your SD card. One of the biggest issues it has right now is that for whatever reason, it doesn't look like it's supposed to. [Update: It's displaying correctly now]

This is how the G&E app is supposed to look:

App1 App App2

That's pretty nice, right? The main menu shows photos and titles, the individual stories show photos and the full text, and a " See original story" link at the bottom of each story takes you to the story on the main site.

Ge-app-main Unfortunately, and for reasons unknown, it looks like what you see on the left instead. That's an actual screenshot from my EVO 3D and no matter how many times I refresh it (tapping the Menu button on your phone brings up refresh, share, settings, and info options), it won't transform into the prettier version I showed you above.

Even worse is that photos aren't showing up and when you tap on a story to read it, you'll only get an excerpt. The "See original story" link is still there, thankfully, so at least you can still get to the site if you want to.

The reason I'm putting the app out now rather than later is that it does work. It's kind of glorified RSS feed, sure, but it's another way to keep up with G&E. I'm assuming that whatever is causing the problems won't be too difficult to sort out either. Heck, for all I know, they've already worked themselves out and you're all looking at the app I wanted you to see. [Update: They did and you are]

In any case, I "made" the app for you and I wanted to let you guys know about it as soon as possible. It's not in the Market (and probably won't ever be), but you can get it here:


Make sure you have "Unknown sources" checked in Settings > Applications, which allows you to install apps that aren't from the Market.

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for more improvements to the site.

Thanks for sticking with us!

UPDATE: The issue with the app not displaying correctly has been resolved. Full articles and photos are now working as they should.

UPDATE #2: The mobile version of G&E is proving to be more difficult than anticipated, so until it's sorted out, we've got these:

Neither is exactly the way we want it, but they're still functional.

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