ScreenCast & Screen Recorder brings screen recording to rooted HTC EVOs

Screencast Yep, the feature that many HTC EVO users have been dying to have—screen recording—is finally here, courtesy of a root-only app called ScreenCast & Screen Recorder.

Imagine a world where ROM reviews aren't taken with digital cameras, where app reviews can actually show off the game in action instead of showing you screenshots or promotional YouTube videos. If you like to show everyone how cool your EVO's setup is on forums, you can show 'em all the screens, show 'em that themed Market, show 'em everything!

ScreenCast & Screen Recorder may only be in the beta stages, but this bad boy is a game changer and could be one of the most necessary apps to come to the HTC EVO in awhile. The only other screen recording program I can think of is ShootMe, and screencasts were quite choppy. ScreenCast & Screen Recorder offers a very smooth video every time. 

ScreenCast & Screen Recorder is very basic, but it doesn't need much. There are settings for low and high resolution, but a nice feature is that  it can actually check the quality of video your EVO can record and adjust the recording properly. This root-requiring app has a nice gallery for viewing your screencasts as well. In the future, the developer hopes to support still screenshots and live webcasts as well. 

The free version of ScreenCast & Screen Recorder limits recording to 30 seconds. To lift this restriction, you have to shell out $2.99 for the premium version, which is a small price to pay for this awesome app.


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

[Android Central]
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