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How to take native screenshots on rooted HTC EVO 4G running Gingerbread Sense [UPDATED]

Evo Screenshots have always been a sore subject for HTC EVO users. We look over to our iDevice-touting friends and watch them seamlessly take a snapshot with two button presses. What about us?

Well, if you have the EVO View 4G, native screenshot capturing is built-in. EVO 3D folks just received an OTA update that adds this feature. But EVO 4G users are left behind. Yes, there are many choices for rooted OG EVO users, but if you are running a Sense-based Gingerbread ROM, and you want to take a screenshot, you probably have a copy of ShootMe (or PicMe). 

Could there be an easier way? Well, thanks to EVO 3D user freeza, developers were given all the tools to port native screenshots into their ROMs. And guess what. This works on OG EVO ROMs as well!

To gain this native screenshot feature, the process is actually quite simple. You only need to add two files and modify one. One file added is an app called MySketcher, which appears to be a port from the EVO View 4G. The other is a lib file called

But adding these two files will not enable native screenshots alone. You must also modify your build.prop file. Every ROM has a different build.prop (and each new version of a ROM will have a new build.prop from the previous version). So, this isn't the easiest part to tinker with.

To edit this file, use a root file explorer to navigate to the system folder of your EVO's internal memory. You will find the build.prop file sitting in there. After transferring this file to your computer (make a backup for safekeeping), use Notepad++ to add one line of code: = true

freeza recommends adding this towards the end of the build.prop file to not hurt your ROM. Then you will need to use ADB to push the file back to the system folder:

adb push build.prop /system

If you don't know how to use ADB, then you probably shouldn't be using this procedure. If you are cool enough to complete this procedure, freeza's original flashable .zip can now be flashed to enable native screenshots. 

For those beginners out there, I have taken the liberty of modifying some build.props for you and adding them to freeza's flashable .zip, thus allowing you to add native screenshots to the Sense-based Gingerbread ROM you are running. Make sure you make a Nandroid backup!

Warning: This is not for people running AOSP-based ROMs or Sense-based Froyo ROMs. 

Downloads (for a tutorial on how to flash a .zip go here):

Now, just hold power and hit the home button. Your screenshots will be saved in the DCIM folder on your SD card.

If you would like to request another for your ROM, head over to the forums

Update: The files have been fixed, sorry about the inconvenience! 

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