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HTC EVO 3D now available in Australia

Htc-evo-3d Australian carriers Telstra and Vodafone are now carrying the HTC EVO 3D, bringing one of the fastest and most technologically advanced consumer devices to even more people across the globe.

The phone can currently be purchased on a 24-month contract from Telstra for $23 AUD per month (about $23.55 USD per month) on a Freedom Connect plan, which costs $59 AUD per month (about $60.42 USD). This brings the total monthly cost for the EVO 3D to $82 AUD (about $83.98 USD). The plan includes 1.5GB of data each month and unlimited text messaging.

A plan that includes 3GB of data and unlimited calling and messaging will run you $129 AUD each month (about $132.11 USD). Alternately, the EVO 3D can be purchased from Telstra outright for $912 AUD (about $933.98).

Vodafone is offering the EVO 3D for $5 AUD per month (about $5.12 USD) on a $65 AUD monthly plan (about $66.57 USD). This is a bit more reasonable, bringing the total monthly cost to only $70 AUD per month (about $71.69 USD). The plan also includes 2GB of data, unlimited voice and video calling, and unlimited text and picture messaging. As usual, this requires a two year contract, although unsubsidized pricing from Vodafone was not clear based on information from their website.

If you're reading in Australia, do you plan on purchasing this latest and greatest device from HTC? Or if you are a Sprint customer in the United States, do you feel a bit more thankful for the unlimited plans that Sprint offers in comparison to international carriers?

[Telstra | Vodafone]
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