iOS controlled baby monitors are now available

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We’re moving towards a world where smartphones and tablets control equipment that once upon a time required a dedicated unit for the same task. Remote controlled toy vehicles, IR remotes for multimedia devices, PC remotes and many more – including baby monitors. In the last week, two such monitors have been announced; the iZON Remote Room Monitor and the iBaby Monitor. Both are wireless cameras, but while the iZON is a combo device meant for all sorts of surveillance the iBaby Monitor is made specifically for baby monitoring.

We’ve certainly come a long way from the audio only walkie talkie-like baby monitors that used to be the only real option, and having video and the ability to access the view from a portable device anywhere in the world is certainly a step up. AT $200 for the iBaby Monitor and $130 for the iZon the prices aren’t beyond all reason either. The iZON is available now, and the iBaby Monitor will ship in October.

If you want similar functionality on the cheap, there are multiple apps in the app store that will convert a computer with a webcam into a similar camera equipped baby monitor. Might be a better choice if you have an old netbook or similar left over.

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