Kickstarter spotlight: Levitatr

The Levitatr is a new idea for a Bluetooth keyboard that might seem a bit peculiar at first. When not in use it’s completely flat, but when turned on the keys raise from the flat surface and the backlight activates. The advantages of such a system include a high coolness factor, having a backlit keyboard at all, and reduced chance of the keyboard turning on in a bag – something that happens quite frequently with my official Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

The really interesting bit about this technology however is that the founders want to integrate the system in a tablet. Imagine a tablet where keys raise up from the glass when you need to type something, giving you a proper tactile keyboard without taking up any space. I’m very skeptical when it comes to the viability of such a system though, both in terms of cost and how the screen would end up looking with a few dozen keys hidden in the screen. Still, they’re thinking outside the box, which I wouldn’t exactly accuse many billion dollar tablet companies of doing these days.

Either way, the Levitatr project needs another $56000 in 41 days to get funded, and preordering the keyboard will cost you $79.


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Andreas Ødegård

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