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Mobile Hotspot feature on HTC EVO to be capped at 5GB beginning October 2


Could this be the beginning of the end? In light of the news contained in Sprint's most recently leaked Playbook, it certainly seems like it to many HTC EVO users. Indeed, as of October 2, Sprint's Mobile Hotspot plan will come with a 5GB 3G/4G cap.

Formerly, the 5GB cap only applied to data used over 3G; 4G data that was accessed through the Hotspot app on the EVO remained unlimited.

Now before you get too up in arms over this, keep in mind that data accessed through the phone will still be unlimited. The 300MB roaming cap will also remain unchanged. What is significant, however, is that the new hotspot plan will come with overages of $0.05 per MB, which is a practice of competing carriers that Sprint has previously mocked.

Granted, most of you probably use other methods when the need arises to tether. And if this is what it takes to keep phone data unlimited for the time being, then should we really complain? On the other hand, in light of all the other cuts Sprint announced last week, it doesn't really seem like much more can give at this point.

Will this plan change affect you? If you are a current Mobile Hotspot subscriber, do you plan on finally taking the leap and rooting your phone to get this feature for free? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

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